We're Closed Until Further Notice

Temporary Closure of Freeman Station

Burlington's Freeman Station will be closed until further notice during discussions with the City of Burlington re: dissolving the Friends of Freeman Station Corporation and planning with Museums of Burlington, for a viable and sustainable future.

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Burlington Junction | Est. 1906

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A great day out exploring Burlington's great beginnings.

Founded in 1906, finding a new way forward today.

During our open house events, Freeman Station aims to be a tourist attraction, for railway enthusiasts, family outings, and history buffs alike.

Restored to its early 20th century ways, find enjoyment in exploring our one-of-a-kind station, detailed diorama, and chatting with our awesome volunteers.

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Accessible Parking, Entrances & Bathrooms

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Family Days

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Birthday Parties

Canada Day

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Explore History

Explore Burlington & Canadian Rail History

Dive into 125 years of Canadian Rail history through artifacts, historical displays and stories from our volunteers.

Fully Restored 1900s Train Station

Step back in time, and immerse yourself in the charm of a meticulously restored train station originally constructed in 1906.

Large, Electric Train Diorama

Marvel at the meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details of our early-1900s Burlington train diorama, carefully constructed at 1/24th scale.

1913 CP Boxcar and 1929 CN Caboose On-Site

Witness the restoration of our Canadian Pacific Boxcar and CN Caboose to their former glory.

The Whistle Stop

Explore a curated collection of one-of-a-kind treasures and souvenirs that pay homage to the golden age of rail transportation.

Explore with our Passionate and Knowledgable Volunteers

Discover the captivating history of Burlington's first train station with the guidance of our enthusiastic volunteers at Freeman Station.

Open Houses

Discover the wonder of rail history at our upcoming open house events.

Ops. We'll be back soon.


Host your event in an authentic 1900s-era train station, with a memorable atmosphere creating lasting impression.