We're Closed Until Further Notice

Temporary Closure of Freeman Station

Burlington's Freeman Station will be closed until further notice during discussions with the City of Burlington re: dissolving the Friends of Freeman Station Corporation and planning with Museums of Burlington, for a viable and sustainable future.

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Burlington Junction, EST. 1906

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Freeman Station is a unique and historically significant venue, beautifully restored and maintained to its greatest years throughout the early 1900s.

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Find Us At 1285 Fairview St, Burlington, ON

Competitive Rates & Easy Booking

Restored. Historical. Ready.

Explore our meticulously restored and historically accurate train station, perfect for hosting events, filming, and various other purposes. It's the ultimate venue for you.

Railway Cars

Step aboard our beautifully restored rail cars and experience the golden age of rail travel.

Railway Tracks

Our railway tracks add to the station's ambiance and provide an additional layer of depth to your storytelling.

Complete, 1900s Interior

Highlight the grace and allure of this restored railway station from the turn of the 20th century.

Private, 1.5 Acres

Sitting on 1.5 acres of beautiful grounds, providing a picturesque and versatile setting for a variety of events and activities.

Filming & Creation

Beautifully restored on 1.5 acres, perfect for creation.

Immerse your audience in the early 20th century, on a beautifully curated property that serves as the perfect backdrop for creating your big screen media or developing your creative projects.

Private Property

Privately owned our property offers exclusive usage for your needs.

1.5 Acres of Open Areas

Set the stage for an unforgettable event on our sprawling 1.5 acres of picturesque property.

20th Century Interior

A meticulously restored interior in the style of the 20th century, perfect for recreating the era.

Events & Dining

Host your very own events & dining sessions.

Host your event in an authentically curated setting that is sure to make a lasting impression, meticulously crafted to recreate the ambiance of this bygone era.

Host Inside or Out

Unleash your imagination and host your next event in a stunning indoor or outdoor setting with us.

Perfect "Dining" Room

Our charming interior is the perfect setting for intimate dining gatherings.

Immerse in History

Embark your guests on a journey through time and indulge in the captivating history of Freeman Station.