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Ways of supporting the Friends of Freeman Station restoration project

Financial support for FOFS has been almost entirely from private and corporate donations.  Your contribution of $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, or more is tax-deductible and will go to our General Fund,  100% to the restoration of the Burlington Junction Station.

A couple of ways to help: join FOFS as a Lifetime member for $200.00, donate a Whinstone for $100.00.

If you care to donate on-line, your transaction can be completed via PayPal or Canada Helps!.

For PayPal, just click on “Donate” below, and then on PayPal, indicate the amount you’d like to give and what it is designated for.

Canada Helps!  Alternately, this charity Website service offers a means to make either one-time or regular periodic donations.  For a recurring donation, you decide the amount and the frequency, and it can be automatically deducted as often as you decide.  Your tax receipts are issued by Canada Helps!  Click on the “Donate Now!” icon on the front page at right.

Snail mail:  if you prefer to donate by cheque, our post office box address is:  Friends of Freeman Station, 3023 New Street, P.O. Box 91536 Roseland Plaza, Burlington, ON L7R 4L6.

Friends of Freeman “Store”:  If you’d like a memento of your donation, consider one of our offerings below. Your contribution is tax-deductible and (subject to availability) we will get the item to you.  Be sure to give us your email address.  Your on-line donation will be completed via PayPal.  Click on “Add to cart” to proceed.

Every bit helps… and your contributions are tax-deductible!

$100 – Whinstone certificate

Whinstone (1)

This certificate recognizes your sponsorship of one of the 1000 historic Whinstones which were removed from the outside of the Station so it could be moved, and which were replaced during restoration. 100% of the value will be issued to you as a tax receipt and your name, your family name, or the name of a loved one will appear on a plaque on the restored Burlington Junction Station.

Memberships – $ 20 – 1 year / $ 200 Lifetime

Join the ranks of The Friends of Freeman Station

Time Period:  1 year – $ 20  / Lifetime – $ 200 (click down arrow to select):

$ 25 – John Geerts pen & ink drawing of Burlington Junction Station –
5 X 7 framed 4 X 6 reprint

John Geerts was an internationally known artist whose chosen medium was pen and ink.  He illustrated more than 80 railway stations in Ontario, as well as other architecturally significant structures.  Born in Belgium, Mr. & Mrs. Geerts came to Canada in 1947 and settled in a log cabin in Markdale.  He took up drawing full-time after his retirement.  Original donated by Mrs. Louisa Geerts.  Reproduced by permission.  Note:  style of frame may vary from that shown.


$25 – Save the Freeman Station T Shirt (blue!)

Sizes : Small or XXL (only – other sizes sold out)

Sizes – S or XXL only (click down arrow to select):

David Harrington print – depicts the Station circa 1957

Not in stock – special order – contact FOFS for further information.

Option: Framed/Unframed (click down arrow to select):

If you wish to pay by cheque or SPONSOR a PLANTER or BENCH, click here to print this form and mail it to the address indicated.  Sponsoring a Planter or Bench can also be done by emailing us.