Whinstone List Alphabetic


First name Last name WHIN_Nr             Dedication (NOP means not on plaque yet)
Brian Aasgaard 3
Marilyn (Lyn) Abraham 45 In Memory of John Rutledge and Wes McChesnie
Lillian Addison 198 Lillian Addison
Paul Airey 78 Hugh Quackenbush, 1916-1990, CNR conductor 47 years
Paul Airey 79 Paul Airey
Marg Alton 25 In Memory of Hazel and Clare Smoke
Gordon & Doreen Alton 29 Gordon & Doreen Alton
Anonymous 216 In the name of Ted Cole
Anonymous 250 In Memory of George Samuel Bastedo
Margaret Armstrong 27 In Memory of Les Armstrong
Frank Armstrong 195 Frank & May Armstrong and Family
Don Arthurs 199 Don Arthurs
John & Linda Baker 63 Ryley Kraynick
John & Linda Baker 64 Jacob McColl
Tim Baker 76 Grant Baker-Grandfather, Heritage Family to Burlington
David J. Beaudoin 69 Dave Beaudoin
John Belford 101
Archie Bennett 135
Archie Bennett 148
Vera Birett 72 In Memory of Mike and Anna Hamsey & Wilhelm and Maria Birett
Tom Bochsler 200 Tom & Doreen Bochsler
Barbara Bothwick-(No contact info) 48 In Memory of John Bothwick
Ruth Bothwick-(No contact info) 49 In Memory of John Bothwick
Johanne & Dennis Brannan 16
Susan Breckenridge 231 The Breckenridge Family
Stephen Brightman 103 In Memory of Walter Edward Brightman
Carol Bristow-Savile 208 Carol Bristow and Harold Savile & Family
Larry & Terri Brodie 24 In Memory of Larry Brodie, Senior
James A Brown 88 In Memory of Frank Bunker
Dave & Jan Bryans 98
Douglas & Inez Budd 61
Roy Burkitt 113 In Honour of Roy and Doreen Burkitt
Leona (Lee) Bush-(No contact info) 75 The Curto family
Joan Butler 120 In Memory of Bev Butler 1940-2012
Margaret Cant 53
Margaret Cant 132
Paul Chapman 100
Earl Chapman 233 Earl & Joan Chapman
Mary-Ellen Cole 151 Edward George Cole, May 30, 1937-Dec. 4, 2010  (NOP)
Pamela Collins 145 In Honour of Eleanor Margaret Freeman (Esler)
Reg & Pat Cooke 7 Secretary Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2017
Joelle & Jeff Cooling-(No contact info) 46
Brian Cross 214 In Memory of: Sheppard Family
George Curran 17
Ron & Marie Danielsen 8 Ron and Mareie Danielsen
Ron Danielsen 209 Bill, Janna, Anika and Bryn Danielsen
Ron Danielsen 210 Robert, Ashleigh, Xander, Damon and Morgan Danielsen
Ron Danielsen 211 Buffy Rodgers, Colin Rysavy, Jesse Rodgers and Lyndon Rysavy
Ron Danielsen 212 Kane, Alexa, Keegan and Remington Danielsen
Ron Danielsen 230 Steve, Valerie, Molly and Isla Langton
Ron Danielsen 241 Liz Danielsen and Jim Watson
Ronald Davenport 50 In memory of Donald Gregory
Teresa Dawe 140 In Honour of mother Leslie Dawe
Eric Dirksen 62
Thomas Drennan 141 In Memory of our son David Drennan
Jane Drewe 85 For all the Lewis Family in the SW & Midlands in
Jane Drewe1 85 England, some of whom worked on the railways
Carol Rowe Eydt 31
Richard J Fahey 89
Ron Foxcroft 102
Tammy Frakking 32 Alexander (Sandy) Hetherington
Tammy Frakking 33 Tammy Frakking
Tammy Frakking 34 Owen Bari
Tammy Frakking 35 Delaney Bari
Tammy Frakking 267 Loving Parents: Pam and Bill Frakking (NOP)
Tammy Frakking 268 Supportive Brothers: Alex and David Frakking (NOP)
Tammy Frakking 269 In Memory of Grandparents: Frances and Maurice Corfield (NOP)
Timothy Freeman 133&134 same as Barbara Goodale dedication(133&134)
David Freeman 149 In Loving Memory of Evelyn Helen Freeman
David Freeman 150 In Loving Memory of Manfred Arthur Freeman
Robert Freeman 153 tba
Robert Freeman 154 tba
Robert Freeman 155 tba
Robert Freeman 156 tba
Robert Freeman 157 tba
Robert Freeman 158 tba
Robert Freeman 159 tba
Robert Freeman 160 tba
Robert Freeman 161 tba
Robert Freeman 162 tba
Robert Freeman 163 tba
Robert Freeman 164 tba
Robert Freeman 165 tba
Robert Freeman 166 tba
Robert Freeman 167 tba
Robert Freeman 168 tba
Robert Freeman 169 tba
Robert Freeman 170 tba
Robert Freeman 171 tba
Robert Freeman 172 tba
Robert Freeman 173 tba
Robert Freeman 174 tba
Robert Freeman 175 tba
Robert Freeman 176 tba
Robert Freeman 177 tba
Robert Freeman 178 tba
Robert Freeman 179 tba
Robert Freeman 180 tba
Robert Freeman 181 tba
Robert Freeman 182 tba
Robert Freeman 183 tba
Robert Freeman 184 tba
Robert Freeman 185 tba
Robert Freeman 186 tba
Michael Freeman 196 In honour of our beloved son, Joshua. You are our legacy. Love Mom and Dad.
Frederic B. Furminger 256 In Memory of Phyllis Furminger
Dianne Galipeau 266  Gary Charles Galipeau(NOP)
Sheila Ganish-(No contact info) 14
Jaquie Gardner 11
Georgie Gartside 68
Norma Gibson-McDonald-(No contact info) 40
Mark Gillies 5 In memory of all market gardening families
Clegg Glass 136 tba
Clegg Glass 137 tba
Clegg Glass 138 tba
Clegg Glass 139 tba
Stefan Gnys 229 Stefan Gyns
Rick Goldring 95
Rick Goldring 96
Vera Goldring 111
Pat Goldring-(No contact info) 110
Shirley Golini 144 In Memory of Charles and Margaret Menifee
Barbara Goodale 133 In Memory of Grandfather:Carman Joseph Freeman
Barbara Goodale1 134 In Memory of Father: Carman Beatty Freeman
David & Judy Goodings 47
Ross Gosling 217 Ross Gosling
Donald & Sharon Gould 55 In Memory of Howard & Lil Gould
Donald & Sharon Gould 56 In Memory of Doug & Maude Burns
 Ingrid Gowan 74
John Siderius & Grace Dann 246 Thomas Holden
Donald & Slyvia Gregory 259
Patricia Harder 133&134 same as Barbara Goodale dedication(133&134)
Alan Harrington 10
David Harrington 80 Lorna and David Harrington
Jim Harrison 60 In Honour of my father James D. Harrison
Philippa Holowaty 213 In the name of Maurice Anthony Teulon (1925 to 2015)
David & Marlene Howard 66
Darragh Hughes-(No contact info) 450
Preston Insurance Services 188 Preston Insurance Services
Jane Irwin – No contact info 459
Bev Jacobs 9
Janine Jaconelli 247 In celebration of John and Jeanette Jaconelli’s 60th anniversity
R. Paul Johnson 234 In Memory of Alfred & Jane Johnson
Jackie Johnston 112 In Memory of Jewel & William Johnston
Bill Jones 147 In Memory of E. Louise Jones
William Kafka 258 Wm. Kafka Family
Bev & Darren Keyes 28 In Memory of Evans & Flo McKeil
Paul Knebel 219 Paul Knebel
Paul Knebel 222 Paul Knebel
Mary Konkle 133&134 same as Barbara Goodale dedication(133&134)
George & Jo Kush 12
Blair Lancaster 2
Bob Langford 143
Snelius Family Law 226 In The Name of Snelius Family Law
Gord Layhew 18
Ken Layland 77 Ken & Laurie Layland
Kaye Pridmore Leary 67 In Memory of Gerald & Edith Primore
Yan Leng 288 Na Ren & Yan Leng (NOP)
Adam Lippert 260 Adam & Stephanie Lippert
Joe Love 201 In memory of Charles Love 1913-1978, by Joseph
Joe Love 242 In memory of Amaletta A. Potter 1910-1981, by Joseph
Irene & Doug Lundy  (No contact info) 43 Irene and Douglas Lundy and Family
Mary Lou Luross 44 Mary and Lew Holubek
Mary Lou Luross 115 MaryLou and Arvid Luross and Family
Donald & Patricia MacKenzie 190 Donald & Patricia MacKenzie
Donald & Patricia MacKenzie 193 In Memory of John H. Devrieze
Andy MacLaren 194 In Loving Memory of Iain & Helen MacLaren
Robert Martin 205 Robert M. Martin
Christine McCombe 19 In memory of:  James Garster-England
Christine McCombe 240 In memory of:  James Garster-England
Doreen and Les McCulloch 97 Doreen, Les McCulloch and Family
Robert McDowall -No contact info 458
Donna McGreal 15 Donald & Sylvia Gregory
Edythe McKenna 73 In Honour of Edythe McKenna
Bradley McMillan 58 Bradley McMillan
Noreen McNairn 39 In memory of Frank McNairn
Judi McNairn 192 In Memory of Noreen McNairn
Henry Hope McQueen-(No contact info) 116
John Mellow 4 John Mellow
John Mellow 207 In Memory of George Meddick
Cathi Mietkiewicz 142 In Honour of Douglas Turnbull
Donna Miller 20
Ruth Miller 25 In Memory of Hazel and Clare Smoke
Robert & Ruth Miller 90 Bob and Ruth Miller
Ruth M. Milne 228 In the name of Ruth M. Milne
John Moffat 189 John & Sharon Moffat
Arnold Mooney 186 Arnold Mooney & Tammy Frakking (NOP)
Jane & Keith Moorse 187 Jane & Keith Moorse
Joanne & John Morgan 112 In Memory of Jewel & William Johnston
Walter Mulkewich 92
Walter Mulkewich 93
Sue Murdza 224 Peter and Sue Murdza
Ken Murphy 65
Wayne Murphy 191 Wayne Murphy & Family
Edward M. Naftolin 245 Naftolin Family
Keith & Susan Naismith 257 Keith & Susan Naismith
Al Norton 261 Jacob Graham, Charles Wesholowsk & Brooke Wesholowski (NOP)
Al Norton 262 Lily Nolan & Maeve Nolan (NOP)
Al Norton 263 Enasjah Lippert-Rodney, Jahmaica Lippert-Rodney & Ayshjah Lippert-Rodney  (NOP)
Terry O’Brien 71 In Memory of Lloyd O’Brien
Debra & Bob Osborne 227 Clifford Scratch, CN Engineer
Susan & Ken Owens 232 Sue & Ken Owens
Andrew W. Panko 22
Lee Pearson 244 Bill and Lee Pearson
Karen Pettit 13 Murray F. And Jean M. Pettit
Karen Pettit 81 James M. McClellan
Karen Pettit 82 Frederick M. Hunt
Karen Pettit 83 William M. Pettit
Karen Pettit 243 Harry M. Pettit
Karen Pettit 84 Mary S. Pettit
Karen Pettit 270 In Memory of Grant John Norton (NOP)
Kathryn Rutty & Phyllis Brandon 248 In Memory of Allan Hilton Davidson
Kathryn Rutty & Phyllis Brandon 249 In Memory of David Allan Davidson
Linda & Terry Ploen 271 In Memory of Bruce C. MacNab, RCAF DFM (NOP)
Arendina Pos 122
Cindy for Lucas & Florence Powell 106 For Lucas & Florence Powell
Tony & Lisa Pullin 117
Peter Queck 264 Robert Queck  (NOP)
Peter Queck 265 Peter Queck  (NOP)
Victor Ricci 152 In Memory of Albert Ricci (NOP)
Robert Ritchie 38
Danielsen Ron 221 Gunnar, Lillith and Gabriel Danielsen
Sandy Stark & Michael Rowlands 107
Anthony Rubin 203 Anthony Rubin
Shirley (Haslam) Runia 86 In honour of the Runia Family
Phil Williams & Sally Connor 118 In Memory of Philip Ernest Williams 1906-1959 CNR
Tom & Faith Schofield 204 Tom & Faith Schofield
Robert Schwab 220 In memory of Gerald Schwab
Gary Scobie 215 Joseph A. Scobie, CNR Stationmaster
Tim Serneels 114
Peter & Sheila Shergold 51 Eric P. Shergold
Lesley Simpson 37 Joanne, Lesley & John Simpson-In Honour of John George Simpson
James Smith 42
Jayne & Douglas Smith 112 In Memory of Jewel & William Johnston
Vaughan & Lynda Smith 206 Vaughan & Lynda Smith
John & Deborah Snowball 99 In Memory of Christopher Snowball
Fallen Soldiers 901-982
Anne Sorochinsky 254 The Richard Huston Land Grant (1851)
Gerry & Sylvia Sullivan 252 Gerry & Sylvia Sullivan
Patrick Sweeny 108
Roland Tanner 272 In memory of Anthony Tanner and Timothy Hall, train lovers (NOP)
George & Janette Takach 457 In Memory of George McMillan, Stationmaster, Freeman Station
Ken Taylor 26 Bill McArthur 1930-2015
Patricia Taylor 41 In Memory of my children: Kevin & Andrea Taylor
Patrica Taylor 253 In Honour of my Burlington Family: Louise Taylor & Hal Hirte
Rick Taylor-(No contact info) 449
Jackson Taylor-(No contact info) 451
Kathryn Taylor-(No contact info) 452
Barbara Teatero 57 Barbara Teatero, Director of Museums
Murray & Elaine Thompson 104
Tim & Sandra Tiernay 225 In Memory of Jack Tiernay
Eden Tile 123 tba
Eden Tile 124 tba
Eden Tile 125 tba
Eden Tile 126 tba
Eden Tile 127 tba
Eden Tile 128 tba
Eden Tile 129 tba
Eden Tile 130 tba
Eden Tile 131 tba
Historical Association Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway 59 Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway
Pam & Mario Toupin 255 In the Name of John Shoemaker
Wally & Karen Trapler 251 The Trapler Family
Margaret Troy 91 In Memory of William & Gabrielle Ryan
Terry Uhrin 21
Mary Vancas 197 Mary Vancas
Rosemary Veri 52 The Veri Family-William, Anne, Phyllis, Michael, Rosemary & Patricia
Sally Vicari 238 Peter William Vicari
Hans Viergever 444
Barbara Viergever-(No contact info) 445
Dru Viergever-(No contact info) 448
Alicia Viergever-Hughes-(No contact info) 447
Colette Viergever-Taylor-(No contact info) 446
David Vollick 121 Dave & Barb Vollick
Michael & Sheena Vollmer 223 George F. Vollmer, P. Eng.
Mike & Carolyn Wallace-(No contact info) 30
Duane Waltenbery 105 Duane Waltenbery
Marianne Meed Ward 1
Marianne Meed Ward 94
Gordon Watt 36 In Honour of Willie Watt
Sarah Webb 87 In honour of Robert D. Webb
Norman & Jacqueline Wells 109 Norman & Jackie Wells
Mary Willard 218 Mary Diana Willard In Memory of Ralph and Margaret Willard
Denny & Colleen Williams 6 Denny & Colleen Williams
Denny & Colleen Williams 23 In Memory of Sarah O’Brien
Jim & Loydeen Williams 70 Jim & Loydeen Williams
Denny & Colleen Williams 235 Trevor & Brittany Brodie Matfin
Denny & Colleen Williams 236 Cody Brodie
Denny & Colleen Williams 237 Larry Douglas Brodie
Denny & Colleen Williams 239 Blake Matfin
Elizabeth Brook Wilson 202 Elizabeth Brook Wilson
Dr. Robert & Anne Wingfield 54 Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wingfield
Gary Wrathall 119 In Memory of Bill & June Wrathall
Kiera Yeates-(No contact info) 453
Ron Zsadany 146 Ron & Faye Zsadany