Friends of Freeman Station is a 100% all-volunteer organization;  no one is paid.

Over 7,000 hours of volunteer labour including the services of architects, structural engineers, master carpenters, electricians, paint scrapers, painters, sign builders, and others have been invested in the project.

We hold Volunteer Work Saturdays on a regular basis, and work entails everything from painting and cleanup to grounds maintenance.

What are your interests and skills?  We can use help from carpenters, masons, painters, grounds keepers, accountants, PR experts, Web site technicians, model railway builders, landscapers, writers, paint scrapers, fund raisers, plumbers, scenic designers, ambassadors, artifacts managers, architects, computer programmers, sound engineers, artists, electricians, cabinet builders, docents, photographers, sidewalk superintendants, etc…

Let us know if you’d like to get involved:  info@freemanstation.ca

You will be amply rewarded by the knowledge that you have helped preserve this historic landmark.