Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

It is the mandate of the Friends of the Freeman Station group to…

        1. Secure a location for the Freeman Station.
        2. Restore the station and oversee its ongoing preservation, including seeking official heritage designation.
        3. Work with local community organizations and individuals to secure compatible community uses for the station, including but not limited to display of community artifacts (particularly train memorabilia); meeting space for community non-profit groups; and other uses deemed suitable and compatible by the Friends of Freeman Station board.
        4. Seek opportunities to educate residents, especially school children, about Burlington’s early rail history through displays and events at the station.
        5. Engage in fundraising activities to secure goods, services and funds for the ongoing restoration, use and upkeep of the Freeman Station.
        6. The Friends of Freeman Station shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and any profits or gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.

Where did the money go?

To date we have raised almost $330,000, which represents just over 50% of the estimated cost to restore the Station and make it a viable asset to our community.  The following is a summary of our expenditures to date.

Consolidated financials
Construction materials, including lumber, paint, hardware, tools 11%
Preparing building prior to move, and the move 25%
New roof 4%
Hydro installation 3%
Removal of hazardous materials 4%
Grading, excavation, and backfill 23%
Basement (foundation) 17%
Publicity and public relations, including Web site, email  services, postage, bank
charges, permits, insurance etc
Storage rental 2%
Acquisition of artifacts 8%

Our organization is 100% unpaid volunteers.

Freeman Station 1/22/16
Freeman Station 1/22/16