Let’s talk tax deductions

Now, we’re not tax experts, and we hate to be the bearer of “bad news,” but tax time is almost upon us.

So if you need tax deductions to offset income, let’s discuss how you can help the restoration effort at Freeman Station, memorialize a family name or a specific family member, fund a memorial Whinstone, or otherwise set up a tax-deductible donation for tax year 2016, and make a lasting contribution to the Friends of Freeman Station’s efforts to restore/renovate/manage an important historic landmark in the City of Burlington.

YOU can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for this community, and deduct 100% of your contribution off your income tax return.  Yes, there are many tax-deductible funds appealing to you for a donation, but none offers a more intimate and meaningful opportunity to do something to preserve a piece of Burlington’s early days, make a niche for your family surname, honour an ancestor, or just make a darn good gesture for your Burlington neighbours.   Even a contribution which establishes naming rights to a certain facility or feature within the Station can earn you a receipt for a 100% tax deduction.

Email to get started.


Video by Kevin Davies; photography by Bob Chambers, Bob Miller, Nikki Wesley, John Mellow, Joel Waterman, Denny Williams, Alan Harrington, Al Pettman and others (by permission)