July volunteer work Saturdays

Friends of Freeman Station volunteers are needed for each of our Volunteer Work Saturdays in July.  You can help, 8 AM til mid-day.  July 9, 16, and 23rd.  Wear old clothes.

Current tasks are mostly focused on painting, but if you’re not a painter, there are other things you can do.  Moral support is helpful, too, so stop past to say hello.

John calculates that more than 3,500 volunteer hours have gone into the Burlington Junction Station restoration project in the past two years.  Our cadre of volunteers are virtually all young-at-heart seniors.

The Waiting Room is almost finished.  Prepare to be amazed.


Video by Kevin Davies; photography by Bob Chambers, Bob Miller, Nikki Wesley, John Mellow, Joel Waterman, Denny Williams, Alan Harrington, Al Pettman and others (by permission)