Burlington Junction (“Freeman”) Station Timeline

1850: Great Western Railroad station built

1892: Grand Trunk Railroad buys Great Western Railroad

1904: Second Grand Trunk Railway station burns down

1906: Present “Freeman” station built

1914: Soldiers leave from the station to fight overseas, August 17th

1923: Canadian National Railway buys Grand Trunk Railway

1967: Launch of GO Transit

1988: Station ceases operation; passenger office moved to Fairview Street GO station

2005: City of Burlington acquires the Station & moves it to Burlington Fire HQ

2011: incorporation of Friends of Freeman Station

2013: Station moved to permanent location @ 1285 Fairview Street

2014: Stabilization and preservation of the building begins; concrete foundation and basement.   Participated in Burlington Santa Claus parade

2015:  Dramatic progress to restore building interior, windows and doors, new roof, exterior paint, hookup to hydro; more than 3,000 hours of 100% volunteer labour

2017: July 1 Canada Day Our “unofficial” first Opening Day when the public could enter the building for the first time
2018: Awarded Burlington Best Award for Heritage. Rails & Flagpole installed in front.
Whinstones cemented into place.  Wheelchair ramp installed.  Upstairs Washroom installed.
Diorama set up in basement.