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You may also send snailmail to the following address:
Friends of Freeman Station
3023 New Street
P.O. Box 91536 Roseland Plaza
Burlington, ON
L7R 4L6

Board of Directors

Officers for the fiscal year October 2019-October 2020:

President: Ron Danielsen
Vice-President and Chair, Restoration (standing sub-committee): John Mellow
Treasurer: Brian Aasgaard
Secretary: Dave Vollick
Director and Chair, Publicity/Promotions and Communications (standing sub-committee) : Alan Harrington
Director: Gerry Sullivan
Director: Al Norton
Director: Bob Lehto*
Director: Ken Taylor**
Director: Rob and Laura Freeman
Chairperson, Grants and fund raising (standing sub-committee):  vacant
Chairperson, Acquisitions: Ed Keenleyside
Chairperson, Education: Ed Keenleyside
Co-Chair BDRC: Bob Miller

** Chairman, BDRC

* Membership


If you would like to contact any of the Directors please use and in the subject line note the name of the Director you want to contact.