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We Need More Steam-let’s get the station on track!

Hello Freeman Supporters 

You may have seen the January 15 2019 Hamilton Spec Newspaper front page featuring the Freeman Station. 

A terrific article to get our message out, and we thank Jeff Mahoney for that. 

Now we really need your help in 2019 to gather the last bit of funding to reach our goals. 

Can you help us by becoming a member. 

As Lord Kitchener would have said, “Please visit our website at  ”  and become a member.  

Or have your name added to our wall of Winstone donors by purchasing a stone for $100 

Prefer to come in person?

The Station will be open on February 16 2019 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm where we invite everyone to drop by.

Couple of Sponsoring Ideas to Consider.

Sponsor a BENCH $500.00

Sponsor A Large PLANTER $250.00

Each of these will bear a stainless steel plate with a commemorative inscription…
…And they will all add much needed funds for the continuing restoration of Burlington’s historic Freeman Station. Just mail a cheque to Friends of Freeman Station, PO Box 91536, Roseland Plaza, Burlington. ON, L7R 4L6; or click on the “Donate” link in the header.